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Oct 25, 2005 My phone connects to the WiFi, but my computer says there Connecting to WiFi and getting to the internet are two seperate entities. Your wireless router may be still leasing IP addresses via DHCP (which your phone could be reporting as “connected to wifi”), but that does not mean you are actually connect My Computer Won't Connect to the Internet – FixMeStick Support

Dec 02, 2019

Based on my experience, many users complain about not being able to connect to the domain controller because IPv6 was enabled. How to Fix: Can't Connect to Domain Controller (DNS Does Not Exist) Here are the steps to take if you want to point your local computer to the domain controller's DNS server. One computer will not connect to the Internet, all others Mar 21, 2010 Solved: Dell computer won't connect to Internet or show

My Laptop Has a Wireless Signal but Won't Connect to the

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