i am having issues with the my Samsung Smart tv (model UN65KS8500FXZA) and Disney Plus App. Seems that something with the att broadband is preventing the connection or starting of the Disney Plus app or a possible issue between the app and the Tv. The network status of my internet is good along with the the network status of the Samsung Tv. All

Nov 01, 2010 · Unfortunately this fix did not work for us. We have a Samsung Smart TV UN55KU7500, and still can't get sound through outside speakers for YouTube, etc. Any further suggestions would be much Troubleshoot a wireless U-verse TV receiver. If you’re having issues with your wireless receiver, let us help. Try Troubleshoot & Resolve from your computer, mobile device, or TV, or read through some tips. From there you’ll receive the options to Sign Out, Start Over, or Deactivate. Sign out and then sign back in. Uninstall Netflix. This method usually works on smartphones, so there’s no reason we should dismiss it as a viable option for your Samsung Smart TV. Jul 19, 2019 · Problem 3: YouTube Not Working on Samsung TV due to Internet Protocol Settings Some Samsung smart TV users can access YouTube, only to find that the video doesn't load or stream properly. Instead of seeing the full picture, users only see a small portion as the screen is obscured by two large black rectangles coming from the corners. The TV in the bedroom is working fine. We see nothing wrong with the cable coming to the den. We have also hooked another TV up in the den to the new box ..it does not work either . However, we can bring one of our old smaller boxes into the den and it works with the smaller TV but will not work with the new TV.

The tv plus app has been deleted off my tv more times than I can count but all deleting tv plus does is replace it with another problem as it then pops up with a ‘cannot connect to server’ fault. I call Samsung and they reset my smart hub, delete tv plus and tell me to monitor it but can guarantee that within a few hours it’ll do it again

Brand new Samsung Smart TV 5200 series model, it is connected to my wireless Netgear model N600 WNDR3400v3, but no connection to the Internet. All othe laptop, desktop, iPad, Android phone and a older model Smart TV are all working fine. Oct 08, 2017 · This fix could be used for f5500 series. Or (2013) samsung tv's . First id recommend a firmware update using a wired connection. purchase a QLED 55 in TV smart 4k right under $650!! https://amzn

Jan 20, 2019 · 1. Cold boot the TV. With the help of TV Remote, hold the POWER button until the TV Power off and Power on by itself, when you observe Samsung Logo on screen, you can release the button. In case, if the TV doesn’t reboot by itself, just Unplug the TV from the power source and connect it again. 2. Software Updates

Not sure if you've solved this yet. I had the same problem and what worked for me was using seperate names for the 2.4 and 5 bands. My Samsung TV then saw both networks during setup. I then connected to the 5 band network with no issues. Even when other wifi connections have dropped as far as I can tell my TV has always stayed connected. Feb 26, 2015 · I have samsung series 7 UA55ES7100MXXY smart tv. a day ago its internet stopped working. It seems both wired and wireless network is not working. Is it a hardware fault or software related issue. I have reset the TV full reset but no luck. Any suggesion with be of great help. Samsung Smart TV model PN51E550 is connected to my wireless network, but not connected to the internet. After extensive troubleshooting, have determined that the issue is with the smart hub Mar 27, 2014 · My new ES8000 TV is not detecting any wireless router, I can use LAN to connect to the internet but not wifi, I have the latest firmware and Smarthub? I bought a 55 inch es8000 television, the TV I have a Samsung Model UN55MU6300F Smart TV. Lately my Amazon Prime Video app has stopped working. I either get a perpetual loading symbol followed by an "Insufficient bandwith" message, or if I click a series I've been watching, it does not respond and will not play. I had to update my Amazon password recently, but that made no difference